Little Hearts Matter

Let’s apply the handbrake on all things VAG, cars, Revo, repairs and maintenance, it’s time to talk about the other thought we hold very closely to us at Quattro Tech – Little Hearts Matter.

Whilst we’re all vehicle crazy at QT, it’s very important to us that we don’t overlook giving something back to the wider community and what better way to do that than raising money for charity.

If you’re a regular QT customer or you’re always on top of our social media channels, you may already be familiar with Little Hearts Matter (LHM) and their purpose. During this blog we’re going to delve a little deeper into the amazing work they carry out and why we hold this particular charity so dearly to us.

LHM is a national UK charity offering help to anyone affected by the diagnosis of single ventricle heart condition. They are the only charity in the UK that support children and families with a specific heart condition that affects the left or right side of the heart. These conditions are formally known as Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS) and Hypoplastic Right Heart Syndrome (HRHS).

HLHS is a birth defect that affects normal blood flow through the heart. This is due to the left lower pumping chamber (left ventricle) of the heart not developing properly, meaning it’s much smaller than usual. HRHS is also a congenital heart defect in which the right-sided structures are underdeveloped or not formed. This causes a baby with untreated HRHS to have abnormally low oxygen levels. 

We can’t even begin to imagine the initial distress this would cause for a family.

This is where the incredible people behind LHM come in.

Upon initial diagnosis, hospitals are encouraged to put families affected in contact with LHM who will offer them all the support they desire, including an unprecedented amount of condition specific information, a friendly voice to speak to and a community that understands their journey.

One incredible feature this charity provides is a forum for parents affected to communicate, interact and share their experiences on. Through this, parents are able to learn from and talk to those who are also going through/have been through the same journey. Not only does this spread the message about the condition but it provides families with guidance on people they need to speak to at different stages of a child’s life, for example throughout education at nurseries and schools.

As we all know, children face many challenges in early life from crawling, talking and walking to learning how the wonderful world works. Unfortunately for a child who’s been diagnosed with a single ventricle heart condition these major milestones may take a little longer to conquer. Not only does the forum prevent parents from worrying about a timeline for milestones but when they do happen, they’re able to share these special moments with the rest of the community and they all understand how huge these achievements are and how proud the parents will feel.

This fascinating charity doesn’t just support children and parents at the early stages of a diagnosis. As families progress on their journeys, LHM facilitate family fun weekends away that also include other siblings. On these trips, the children have the opportunity to meet up with others of a similar age with the same condition to encourage building long-lasting friendships and to support one another throughout life.

All of the above stems from LHM’s vision which is: To see families able to cope with the diagnosis, treatment and lifestyle challenges created when a child is diagnosed as having only half a working heart. 

All of us at QT are extremely proud to contribute towards this vision and YOU can help too, here’s how… 

We donate £1 to LHM every time someone leaves us a review, so please show your support for this amazing charity.

We’ve only touched on such a small part of this charity. To find out more, please visit their website –

To end, we’d like to leave you with this thought…

Every single year without fail, LHM sends every child they help support a hand-written birthday card with well wishes from everyone behind the charity!

We’d like to take this moment to say a special thank you to Camilla – the mum of Adriana, who is a member of LHM for taking the time to provide us with first-hand information from her journey.

Adriana actually turned 4 years old last Friday on the 2nd of August, so everyone at QT would like to wish her a very special belated happy birthday and we hope she had a lovely day spent with those closest to her!