Our Favourite Horror Stories

As Halloween has just passed, we thought we’d share our favourite horror stories with you! 🎃👻

Our techs have seen some SCARY sights recently as many of you will have seen if you’ve been keeping up-to-date with our social media! (If you haven’t, copy this link and give us a follow because you’re missing out – www.instagram.com/quattrotechltd). The SPOOKY things they’ve seen will HAUNT them forever… maybe even you too!

We start off with a Console Bush catastrophe! ☠️ (View here – www.instagram.com/p/B3rGnJbgrxY) This was a FRIGHTENING discovery with the car only passing an MOT 6 months beforehand! As you can see from the video it was clear we’d UNEARTHED a real issue. Thankfully the customer had bought the car in before causing any damage to themselves or other road users. The QT team successfully rectified the problem with the Console Bush and the customer is now safely back on the road again.

Next up we have a shocking engine bay breakdown! ⚠️ (https://www.instagram.com/p/B3T6mXAARcC) Where do we start with this one… we’re still trying to get over the HORRIFYING mess created by this none-runner, a thing of NIGHTMARES! The car arrived at QT with the engine unable to start and we quickly found out why. As you can see from the image our technicians removed the undertray and found pieces of the block, piston and connecting rods in bits! Our techs are magicians when it comes to fixing vehicles, but some things are unfixable even for the most talented of technicians! It’s safe to say, a new engine was required to get this vehicle back on the road!

And then we come to the unfortunate experience one of our customers had with a new Shock Absorber! 🔩 (https://www.instagram.com/p/B2gatLonQws) After we diagnosed a leaking shock absorber on a recent service, the customer wanted to try and fit the part themselves after purchasing the product through us… we know what you’re thinking… a recipe for DISASTER! When trying to re-fit the part, they sheared the bolt off, damaging the suspension arm and making it impossible to fit – as you can see from the image! We recommend to our customers not to play TRICK OR TREAT on their vehicles when it comes to fitting parts of an advanced nature. Fortunately, the customer was able to make their way back to QT where we eventually fitted a new suspension arm and a brand-new shock absorber!

Finally and possibly the most shocking story of them all concerns the regulation of independent garages 📊 (our previous blog https://www.instagram.com/p/B3M9RXMF8r-) – which stemmed from a vehicle that arrived at QT with a part fitted completely upside down! As you can see from the images, this roll bar was knocking on the drive shaft due to its GHOSTLY, GRIM fitment by a previous garage. This blog is well worth a read and we assure you you’ll definitely be more cautious with where you take your vehicle to be repaired, maintained and serviced after reading!

As Halloween was a time of celebration, epitomised by HORROR, TRICKS and TREATS, we thought as a thank you for reading this blog we’d like to treat you all to a FREE WINTER VEHICLE CHECK at QT which will ensure your vehicle is ready to combat the colder months and the challenges you’ll encounter. (*VWG vehicles ONLY. Valid until November 30th 2019.) ❄️

Simply REFERENCE THIS BLOG post upon booking an appointment with us to claim your FREE check! 🚨

In our next blog post, we’ll be going into the details behind why it’s important to ensure your vehicle is ready for winter and what you can do to help prevent your car from freezing over – including tips, tricks and hacks!