COVID – 19



From the beginning of the nationwide lockdown QT has taken action at each stage in line with the government advice, along with consultation with staff and customers to interpret the appropriate level of service throughout the outbreak of COVID-19. During the UK lockdown personal transport has become more essential to ensure social distancing guidelines and therefore repair garages like QT were not part of the UK closure order issued by the government. QT did not want to react immediately with what could have been the inappropriate action, so at first we observed social distancing, increased cleaning processes, created a contactless service and completed all work in our business to return cars to their owners, efficiently and effectively by the end of March. From 1st April QT then operated with a small team to support customers with any situations that arose. Fielding an average of 19 calls per day, we have been answering queries or questions around your car but for many there has been a need to visit QT for essential repairs. To service QT customers was the reason we remained open and not to close completely like so many similar businesses, we felt this was the appropriate level of action taking into account the two factors in our foremost thought, the QT team and the QT customers.

The situation has evolved throughout and the UK is now entering a different phase of the battle with COVID-19 and businesses are being encouraged to return to work if safe to do so. We have been planning for a gradual, steady and considered return to a fully operational level. We don’t believe that ‘normality’ before the outbreak of COVID-19 will be the same ‘normality’ moving forward and our business will be required to change to be able to safely welcome the wider QT team and our customers back into our business. We all have families and we want to keep them safe, the measures we put in place to protect ourselves will, in turn, protect QT customers wishing to visit us for work to be carried out. Our initial thoughts and objectives were to make visiting QT at least as safe as anyone completing their food shopping, in this aim we have put in place a number of measures and processes, these include:

  • Multiple hand sanitiser stations for use by all onsite.
  • Rigorous cleaning / sanitising schedule, specific attention to customer touchpoints.
  • Observing social distancing measures.
  • Sneeze screens installed to customer-facing desks.
  • Customer drop off appointment times to reduce customer number on-site at one time.
  • Contactless process, keys dropped and only touched by either fresh gloves or a fresh cloth with disinfectant.
  • Keys cleaned on returned, pin pad cleaned before and after use.
    Staff PPE, gloves (new gloves for each job), face masks (we will be using washable snoods replaced daily).
  • Car protection, touchpoints cleaned, interior treatment carried out.
  • Visits to be appointment only.
  • No waiting visits, no customer lifts or customer test drives with the team.

As QT experiences far less customer footfall than the average supermarket, we believe the above measures enable the QT team and customers to work and visit safely in a controlled approach. Most of all the QT team will operate with complete common sense and we ask everyone visiting to do the same, no one wants COVID-19 and operating together is how we best protect each other.

Some of our customers know we have continued to send MOT reminders about your car, we do understand that if your MOT was due after 1st April you don’t need a valid MOT for an additional 6 months. For many customers, the MOT is the once a year check and we would urge on the side of safety by not going up to 18 months without your car being inspected, just because it’s legal it doesn’t make it safe.

We have communicated at each stage of the virus outbreak, you can follow us closely through our social media and website. We will continue to communicate with you so anyone considering visiting QT can make an informed decision. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We hope you’re all staying safe and well,

1st May 2020

The UK has been in a nationwide lockdown since the 23rd March to reduce the spread of Covid-19, initially for three weeks the lockdown was extended until 7th May. Everyone has been affected by Covid-19 either directly or indirectly, our thoughts at QT go out to all those that have been affected and our gratitude to all that are leading the fight against the virus on the frontline. At each stage QT has taken action in line with the government, considering the most important two factors in our thoughts, employees and customers.

From 1st April QT has operated with a small team to support customers with any situation that arises. For the majority, that has been answering queries or questions around their car or just reassurance, but for many, there has been a need to visit QT for essential repairs. In the media, we have seen a lot of people and businesses brand their service as ‘essential’ in these uncertain times to justify being open. At QT we truly believe a reliable method of transport has become essential and we certainly have not remained partially open for profiteering or financial stability. The reality is that it would have been more cost-effective for QT to close completely and use government initiatives to support our business, but what then of QT customers? The small but dedicated team have fielded an average of 19 calls per day, as mentioned most requiring advice and reassurance, but there have been situations that we’ve been called upon that deem essential action to keep our customer’s cars reliable. A few examples can be seen on our social media – We have remained open to offer support to all that need assistance and we will remain open to support customers who have any concerns with their car, please contact us via the numbers below, on social media or via email and we will assist as best we can.

We wish to thank some of those that have worked with QT enabling our business to continue to offer an essential service to those that have needed to visit us. TPS Peterborough who supply QT with VWG (Volkswagen Group) genuine parts, who have maintained a ‘to-the-door’ delivery service and upheld next day ordering throughout, EURO Car Parts (Peterborough & Cambridge) and Motor Parts Direct (Huntingdon) who have all continued to supply parts to the trade with the same high service levels, and obviously, the awesome QT team. Not just the small team that has continued to work but also the wider team who have continued to show support in their own unique way, constantly adding humour to the QT WhatsApp group and joining in with Zoom quizzes all help to maintain the QT team spirit.

QT continues to adapt in the changing environment, procedures to protect customers and staff are in place and will continue to be revised, increased cleaning rotation, social distancing measures, desk screens and limited waiting appointments are all aimed to enable a safer on-site environment. These measures will continue for the foreseeable future so that our team and customers feel safe while with us.

We hope you’re all staying safe and well,

Team QT.

St Ives / 01480 464869 /
Peterborough / 01733 902592 /
QT Cars / 01480 270460 / chm@quattro-tech.
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March 31st 2020

During these uncertain and unprecedented times our thoughts are with all have been affected by the outbreak of coronavirus in the UK. I think most people have an anxious feeling about what the future holds and in reality, no one really knows or when our lives will return to normality. During the outbreak QT has followed guidelines and taken each day as it comes, providing the same QT service to our customers through this difficult time. At each stage we have taken what we believe to be the best course on action for our team and our customers, as these are our number one priority.
To help curb the spread of Covid-19 on 23rd March the government ordered a UK wide lock down where all unnecessary travel should be avoided. During the lock down there will be essential travel, the now vital shopping trip, collect medicines and key workers fulfilling vital roles at this desperate time. QT has remained fully open at both sites to complete essential work on cars for our customers and key workers. Reliable transport has become more vital now than ever before to safely make the essential journeys during the UK lockdown.
With the QT team, our customers, everyone’s families and loved ones in our thoughts we have decided to temporarily restrict access to both Quattro Tech sites. Although our locations will be physical closed the QT team did not want to add any further stress into anyone’s daily life should you encounter an issue. The QT team have decided collectively that we should be repaying the years of customer loyalty by being available if you need us. A small team will be on hand to answer your calls from home to offer advice, support or if needed arrange a physical appointment at one of our locations, your transport is essential, and we are here to help.
If you do require a physical appointment, we ask that you follow government guidelines on social distancing, for customers in a more vulnerable category we can complete a collection and delivery should you wish. The QT team will follow processes to reduce transfer risk while you are with us and while your car is in care.
Although this may not be the time to be considering changing your car for some the need will be unavoidable, should you need to source a replacement car in these uncertain times, QT Cars will be able to assist having completed contactless purchasing experiences and handover process.
Given the fluid nature of this situation and uncertainty over the extent and length of the impact, we are keeping the situation under constant review. For our latest updates see or follow us on social media.
These are unprecedented times for all around the world, all governments are taking major actions to mitigate impact. QT has been built on customer service and that remains by being available for our customers in the most difficult of times.

Please take care of yourselves and loved ones, stay in, take precautions and we will get through this together.
Thank you from all at QT
St Ives 01480 464869,
Peterborough 01733 902592,
QT Cars 01480 270460,

March 27th 2020

During these uncertain and unprecedented times QT’s thoughts are with those who have been directly affected by the outbreak of Coronavirus, those who have lost loved ones, having to isolate or unable to return home from a foreign country. Our thoughts are also with everyone worldwide who has that anxious feeling about what the future holds, in reality no one really knows but at QT we believe in taking each day as it comes and making the absolute best of the situation.

Following our previous social post, QT continue to follow government guidelines and sensible precautions to keep the QT team and QT customers safe while continuing to operate, you can read about these measures here.  This situation is very fluid and changes daily, almost hourly and any decisions that are made will take into account our team and our customers at the forefront.

QT had looked at plans to significantly reduce down due to Covid-19, the effect on the QT team and QT business would have been really felt but the hard decision was going to be taken until Covid-19 had passed. Our thinking changed completely on Tuesday evening when a loyal QT customer came into our St Ives business flustered and panicking as their car had started to loose drive. The QT Technician very quickly diagnosed a failing clutch causing massive clutch slip and lack of drive through to the wheels. The customer is an A&E doctor. Given the current pressures on the NHS and the fantastic work they are doing the customers need for their car to be working was extreme. QT replaced the clutch and flywheel and the car was back on the road and returned within 24 hours. I am sure many other businesses would have done the same up and down the country, but that isn’t the point, if we had been closed the customer’s panic and problem would have continued.

To help curb the spread of Covid-19 all unnecessary travel should be avoided, that makes the traveling that is being undertaken essential. If anyone calls QT we want to be open ‘as usual’ to alleviate any issue that could arise, we don’t want to add to anyone’s anxiety or concerns by not being here when called upon. The people of the UK have enough to be concerned about with the virus itself, the hysteria of panic buying, job stability, home schooling our children, safety of our elderly and vulnerable loved ones. People will still need their transport to be working and in good order, so QT will remain open, not ‘as usual’ as ‘usual’ is an unknown state at this time, but we will be here to help when anyone contacts QT.

All please stay safe and follow guidelines being issued.


March 16th 2020

QT’s thoughts are with those who have been directly affected by the outbreak of Coronavirus and have lost loved ones prematurely, QT will be following government guidelines and sensible precautions to keep the QT team and QT customers safe while continuing to operate.

We want to reassure all that QT are taking measures to protect our staff and customers from the spread of this disease, all QT premises have been cleaned and sanitised, cleaning will continue frequently throughout each day as per our normal cleaning programme.

On occasions our reception areas can be busy especially at peak times, early morning and late afternoon, please be assured your interaction will be dealt with efficiently and effectively limiting interaction. Our staff will clean your keys on arrival, wipe down the steering wheel, steering column controls, gearstick and hand brake when entering/leaving your car, in addition to wearing protective gloves which will be changed after every job.

For all waiting customers the team will respect your personal space at all times and our waiting customer slots will be reduced to limit the number of customers in our waiting areas, our loan cars will be wiped down internally after each customer loan in an effort to mitigate the potential of the virus transfer.

If a customer still has concerns about visiting QT and falls into a high risk category then QT will collect your car, take payment electronically and return your car, without physical interaction, keys can be left outside and we will post the keys back on our return. Other collections will be cancelled or postponed to ensure QT are able to service those at higher risk.

Our suppliers are reporting limited or no disruption to the supply chain, we have stocks of consumables and fast moving parts to enable QT to run the business as usual and continue to provide a fantastic service.

Thanks for your understanding during these challenging times as a small independent businesses all at QT really appreciate (and need) your support.