At our St Ives branch we are pleased to have the Snap On laser four alignment equipment.

Correctly aligned wheels:

  • Reduce uneven tyre wear
  • Improve vehicle fuel efficiency
  • Increase vehicle handling and safety

The QT team have been trained to ensure that your vehicle alignment meets the specifications set by your vehicle manufacturer. The Snap On equipment is specially designed to ensure optimum vehicle performance whilst not marking your delicate alloy wheels.

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What is Wheel Alignment?

In order to achieve and maintain the best ride possible, the steering and suspension needs to be measured and adjusted within the motor manufacturer’s specifications. This can only be done by measuring all four wheels at the same time and using accurate four wheel alignment equipment.

Why Snap On?

Our Snap On  four-wheel alignment equipment offers the most accurate wheel alignment technology available. It uses a series of high-definition sensors which measure the position and orientation of the wheels with pin point accuracy.

Specialist Vehicles

Snap On wheel alignment offers a greater level of accuracy and adjustment than most commonly used systems. This is why Snap On is the alignment system of choice for many performance and specialist vehicles.

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With a dedicated team having over 90 years experience and expertise within VAG (Volkswagen Audi Group). QT’s aim is to provide an exceptional customer experience, building lasting relationships through integrity and honesty from our highly trained staff who have a passion for customer service.

Book your service with our highly skilled technicians instead of a main dealer and save up to 50% in comparison with the VAG main dealer network.