QT is an independent Audi, Volkswagen, SEAT, Skoda and VW commercial vehicle repair specialist with a dedicated team having over 90 years experience and expertise within VWG (Volkswagen Group).

the team

Darryl – QT Manager

Darryl has been with QT from the beginning in 2013, his vast knowledge of VAG products and systems allows him to make sure all customer need’s are fully met and that QT delivers outstanding customer service. He has a passion for the performance element of the business and has extensive knowledge of the Revo software and hardware.

the team

Kelvin – Group Manager

Kelvin has worked for the VAG brand for 14 years, achieving Master Technician accreditation. Having a vast technical knowledge completing various VAG specialist courses including the B-ALERT diagnostic technique course helping to achieve a high level of accurate diagnosis and directly contributes to the aim of delivering excellent customer service.

the team

Nathan – Technician

Nathan has worked within the VAG brand for 16 years, achieving Master Technician accreditation. He joined QT in February 2016, bringing another strong skill set to an already strong team. Nathan has become a vital part of the team with his diagnostic skills and is also trained on high voltage vehicles. 

the team

Ross -Technician

Ross came to Quattro-Tech in November 2014. He had been working for a general vehicle garage and had a passion to work with the Volkswagen Audi group. He is now enrolled on the VW training program, keeping him up to date with the latest technology.

the team

Ben – Technician

Ben had worked with Skoda for over 2 years before joining QT. Ben studied motor vehicles at college before working for Skoda and joined the team in June 2015. He remains on the Skoda training program allowing him to keep building his skill set and knowledge of a great brand. 

the team

Paul – Technician

 Paul worked for Audi for 14 years before joining QT in Jan 2017 heading up the team at QT Peterborough when they first opened. He then moved across to St.Ives as a technician bringing with him a wealth of technical knowledge, experience, and passion for the VWG brand. In his spare time, Paul enjoys playing volleyball, and his favourite car is the Audi RS6

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