The all Important Work-Life Balance

As many of you will be aware, 2020 has marked the year of change so far at Quattro Tech. We hope the development of our service is of benefit to you, as much as it is our team. With every major business-minded decision, we take into account the two most important things to us, the QT team and the QT customers! If when you saw the announcement you were unsure as to why we’ve made the changes we have, then you’ve done the right thing by taking the time to read this blog!


So firstly, the QT Customers

We noticed throughout 2019 that our customers wanted to book in for Saturdays but their particular job would exceed the 4 hours we were open at both sites, although we worked around the challenge it wasn’t ideal. With that point in mind, we have disadvantages to both you and our team. Unfortunately, this 4-hour time frame would restrict the completion of certain jobs as well as put pressure on our team with the workload and wanting to do right by you – to put your car safely back on the road ASAP. We understand that the weekends are, in most cases, the most convenient time for our customers to get their car looked at as the majority will be without working commitments on a weekend.

Secondly… the QT Team


For the QT team, it was the additional getting ready, commuting and then getting back that impacted into their Saturdays far more than the open hours would initially suggest. With mental health becoming more of a feature in the modern-day working environment, it’s also vitally important that we do all we can to ensure a healthy, happy workplace is maintained at both sites and across our business network. To put it into perspective, more than 1 in 6 people are experiencing mental health problems in the workplace (14.7%). Lelliott, P, Tulloch, S, Boardman, J., Harvey, S., & Henderson, H. (2008). 


With both taken into careful consideration, the QT solution…⠀

Each site (St Ives & Peterborough) will open alternatively each Saturday for longer hours. This gives our customers the opportunity to book longer jobs on a Saturday and allow our team to increase their flexibility, work-life balance, and move to working 1 Saturday in 4.

Putting it into practice

If you’re a St Ives customer and you would like your car serviced on a Saturday when St Ives is closed but you’re also unable to wait until the following weekend, you have the option to deliver your car to us on Friday by 5pm. We will then give you a loan car for the weekend (£10 + VAT) whilst your car is taken to Peterborough for the work to be completed. Your vehicle will be returned to St Ives for you to collect early Monday morning (8am). The same applies when Peterborough is closed.⠀


We know change is never ideal and we are only altering this to give a better, more convenient service to QT customers and a better balance for the QT team! We hope you can all understand our thinking behind the development of the service and it is of benefit to you!⠀


We will do our best to inform you weekly which site will be open throughout our social media channels. In the meantime, If you have any questions then please email us or DM us directly through Facebook or Instagram!⠀


Thank you all for your continued support of Quattro Tech, bring on 2020!


Lelliott, P., Tulloch, S., Boardman, J., Harvey, S., & Henderson, H. (2008). Mental health and work.