Why Revo

Stage 1

With a plethora of aftermarket performance enhancing brands now on the market, we thought it was the right time to start making noise on why Quattro Tech chose to join Revo’s revolutionary dealer network.    

If you didn’t already know, Revo is the automotive aftermarket industry pioneer of delivering multi-functional performance remapping software to vehicle engine control units (ECU). Since its establishment in 2002, Revo has evolved its product development producing state of the art aftermarket software and hardware components with full compatibility for VAG vehicles (our specialist area).

As you many of you are aware, the QT brand is based on two major factors; customer care and product quality. It was therefore fundamental for us to ensure our company values were imitated by any potential partners. With Revo priding themselves on offering products that achieve the high performance demanded by their customers – whilst ensuring longevity and driveability are maintained, we started up the engine and set off on our journey to explore Revo in more detail.

Stage 2

Research & Development

One of the biggest points of interest for QT on finding the right partner was to make sure the products actually delivered performance-enhancing gains, as well as looking the part (excuse the pun). On our quest to exploring Revo, we discovered they test their products extensively on and off the track at their UK headquarters and US development facility. Rigorous testing is paramount to ensuring that along with more usable power and torque comes refined and controlled drive-ability, something often overlooked. Through frequent product testing, Revo are able to carry out strict data-logging on the road and the racetrack as well as testing in controlled dyno conditions. This then gives us at QT a clearer picture of the performance enhancements we can expect which can then be relayed onto our customers with complete confidence.

Together, we wanted to ensure we were offering the highest quality products that perform when it matters most. 

Development Vehicles

As we all know, access to vehicles is imperative to development and testing. Revo runs one of the most extensive fleets in the industry, whilst also having access to hundreds of other beta vehicles via a global Authorised Dealer Network which is very unique in itself. At this point, we were well and truly racing through the gears towards our decision to partner with Revo. 

Stage 3


Revo Software

With our focus now turning towards the product itself having established the Revo ethos and development process, we’d approached the home straight. 

If you’re a car enthusiast like all of us at QT, you’ll know that modern engines are controlled by software installed on an ECU, otherwise known as the ‘brains’ of the vehicle. Standard factory vehicle software is designed to give models consistency in performance, with power outputs segmented depending on the target customer, leaving lots of room for Revo to spark improvements.

Whilst the main aim for Revo is about producing more power and torque, their performance software is designed to safely enhance the driveability of your vehicle throughout the rev range whilst maintaining factory safety mechanisms. Ultimately, Revo software provides the perfect balance of performance, economy, longevity and safety.

Revo Hardware

Alongside Revo’s ECU performance software is their hardware range. These aftermarket products are engineered to function at a much higher level than a standard component. From  Air Intakes, Filters and Brake Discs to Intercoolers, Engine Mounts and Hoses, Revo strives to produce beautiful products that work and fit seamlessly with your vehicle, offering an OEM+ look with aftermarket advantages.

7 years on, we are proud to be Revo’s only dealer network in Cambridgeshire.


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(Peterborough) – 01733 902592


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