If your car is having a braking problem, whether it’s weak brakes, a soft pedal or grinding sounds, QT are on hand to troubleshoot and repair it as soon as possible.

Diagnosing the problem

If you step on the brake pedal and it feels like it’s going too far down before you start to slow, you might have the following problems:

Low Brake Fluid Level

Check your brake fluid. If it’s low, top it off to the mark on the side of the reservoir.

Contaminated Brake Fluid.

Even though your brakes operate in a closed system, contaminants and moisture can still work their way into the system. It is recommended that you should have your brake fluid changed every 2 years.

Worn Brake Pads

Your brakes should never wear low enough to cause your brake pedal to feel low as the majority of modern cars have brake warning lights on the dash. So if you see the light on the dash or if you do hear a grinding sound when braking, this is an indication that you need to get them checked immediately. At QT all brakes are checked as part of the service and we will indicate to you if they are need changing immediately or whether they will last till the next service.

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